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  • Hazardous Materials First Responder Training
Officer Development WorkshopsFire chief

The State of Wisconsin supports excellent Fire Officer I–III coursework and certifications. But those courses won’t teach you everything that one learns through real-life experience. And once those courses have been completed, the modern fire officer needs continuing education to maintain his/her effectiveness as a leader.

5 Bugle offers a number of leadership workshops that have been presented on the local, regional, state and national level conference levels. Whether you are looking for a 90-minute continuing education training session or a 3-hour conference workshop, we can accommodate you.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding personality and generational differences when managing people (participants complete their own DiSC personality profile).
  • How to coach and discipline effectively; utilize an effective process.
  • Evaluating Leadership Styles: Personal vs. Positional Power
  • Professional development skills goal setting for success.