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Hazardous Materials First Responder "Awareness" Level TrainingFire chief

Mandated annual Awareness Level refresher training is left up individual First Response agencies (Law Enforcement, EMS, FIRE). Studies have shown that this annual refresher training requirement is not been met in the majority of cases.

If your department or personnel are involved in a HazMat incident and are found to have allowed training to lapse, it will complicate outcomes in the event an injury or environmental damage has occurred and your department is connected to it.

Public Works employees, while not legally required to have this training, will certainly benefit from it and should be involved in your overall Risk Management Plan.

In many cases, the cost of this critical training can be subsidized by grant monies, if your office of emergency government supports it.

First Responder Awareness Level Refresher Training:

  • OSHA/NFPA qualified instructors
  • 2–3 Hr. Course (depending on current training status)
  • $175–$225/class, plus travel expenses
  • Includes handouts
  • Local agency to provide ERG hazardous materials guides or electronic access to them
  • Grant subsidized classes require a minimum of 15 students
  • Certificates issued
  • Flexible daytime or evening scheduling