• Strategic Planning
  • Department Evaluation
  • Internal Investigations and Research
  • Promotional Assessment Centers
  • SOG/Policy Development and Updates
  • Fire Inspection Services
  • Officer Development Workshops
  • Hazardous Materials First Responder Training
SOG/Policy Development and UpdatesWorkshop

Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG’s) are the background of your department’s operational effectiveness. They also influence your ability to manage operations, personnel and overall risk as you need to. They also affirm your training practices and provide guidance for training efforts.

If SOG’s are outdated or obsolete, they do you no good and will most likely even hamper your ability to address potentially difficult situations should something go wrong.

And, the work to update them is time consuming—especially if you or your staff do not have experience in this area.

5 Bugle brings the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you accomplish this daunting task. Yes, there are large nationally-based organizations that do this as well—some with pretty big names behind them—but the principles of risk management are the same no matter where you’re from.

You can pay the ‘big bucks’ to have a national company help you out, or you can have ‘home grown,’ credentialed fire service professionals help you accomplish the same thing and a much lower cost!