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Promotional Assessment CentersFirefighters

As renowned author Jim Collins (Good to Great) said, you need to get the right people on the bus, and then in the right seats. Translated, that means you need to hire the most qualified people and put the right people in the right positions within the organization. A valuable tool to accomplish this is the promotional assessment center. Make sure your candidates have the ‘right stuff’ to lead within your department. Assessment centers have been used for decades as both a part of promotional processes as well as a professional development/training tool for firefighters who want to advance in their careers.

A typical assessment center will contain components such as:

  • “In Basket” exercise
    Evaluates candidates organizational skills and decision making process
  • “Conflict Resolution” role play
    A one-on-one exercise to evaluated leadership and interpersonal skills
  • “Tactical” scenario
    Candidate demonstrates his/her expertise with the Incident Command System as well as their fire ground tactical skills

Components can be modified as needed, and additional components can be included or substituted, depending on the position you are testing for and/or specific department requirements.

We will work with you to insure a valuable experience for both your candidates and your department.