• Strategic Planning
  • Department Evaluation
  • Internal Investigations and Research
  • Promotional Assessment Centers
  • SOG/Policy Development and Updates
  • Fire Inspection Services
  • Officer Development Workshops
  • Hazardous Materials First Responder Training
Strategic PlanningWorkshop

Successful businesses take it as a foundational premise that a strategic plan is a necessity, not a luxury. They don’t even ask the question: "Do we need a strategic plan?" Why is this? Because they recognize that the strategic plan is the tool that helps them set the company’s direction and priorities. Some of the benefits you will gain from the Strategic Planning process include:

  • Fresh perspectives from your customer base
  • New insights regarding response capacity and customer service
  • New ways to address old problems; alternatives not previously considered
  • Buy-in on the part of your department, policy makers and oversight boards (including budget)
  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (internal and external) [SWOT]
  • Create or update you Department’s Vision statement to support the Mission Statement
  • Efficient use of your energies—insure your activities are aligned with your priorities
  • Communicate the message that you are serious about keeping your Department relevant to today’s changing service demands

Building a Strategic Plan does not have to be difficult, but it does take time, energy and focused effort. The process needs to be well coordinated to achieve a set of desired, clearly stated outcomes with their associated goals, along with an action plan that insures accountability in the process as you move forward.

A Cost Effective Approach

Career consultants can charge a LOT for this service—be prepared for 'sticker shock.' 5 Bugle is a team of retired fire chiefs with probably better fire-career experience than full-time consultants; we emphasize quality within a modest budget, and focus on building long-term relationships rather than “project turnover.” You can expect very favorable cost comparisons from us!